Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Check out my new ticker!

My daughter said I needed to get rid of my old ticker.

I said, "No way, man, that's my reward for working hard.  I get to brag about finishing a ticker."

So you'll have to look at both of them for awhile.

I set a fairly optimistic goal for my new one, based on three days per week for 40 minutes.  I only counted thirteen weeks, and since I finished my previous ticker early, I get to use those twelve days as a little cushion.

I will still need all the cheering on I can get.  With our short summers here, every minute of nice weather is spent taking care of all the outside chores and fun other people have several months to accomplish.  So it sometimes is a bit of a challenge to allow myself the minutes needed to exercise.  But I am really going to try.

I really like this new ticker.  We will be buying our summer chicks soon  and when they are big enough they will trot around our yard.  But also, this big chick needs to keep trotting along in an attempt to reduce the residual effects of ten pregnancies.

Go Mary!

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