Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Week 3, Day 1, Couch to 5K

I did this a day late, so perhaps that is why, but...

I was pretty worthless today.

And my MP3 player was being annoying.  Today I used the prompt only version I mentioned last time, so that I could visit with Connie while exercising.  So I didn't realize it wasn't working until I was walking "to infinity and beyond."  I ended up walking too long and then having to stop and putz with it and then later had to also stop and make adjustments and then at the end it stopped again for some reason so I walked extra at the end, also.  I think I got everything in, but it was not exactly uninterrupted.

This week's workout is
  • walk 5 minutes to warm up
  • jog 90 seconds
  • walk 90 seconds
  • jog 3 minutes
  • walk 3 minutes
  • jog 90 seconds
  • walk 90 seconds
  • jog 3 minutes
  • walk five minutes to cool down
Those three minutes jogs are killers.   How pathetic is that!?!  I really, really wanted to give up today. 

But I didn't.

I think it is mostly just boredom.  It seems so pointless to stare at Connie's wreath and get nowhere.  It's a really nice wreath and all, Connie, but it doesn't do much for motivation during those three minutes runs.

According to the tread mill, I did 29 minutes, 1.99 miles, burned 257 calories, of which 80 were fat calories.

Also, before and after the couch to 5k stuff, I did about 10 minutes on the Gazelle and only one set on the Nordic Rider.

It will be better tomorrow.

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