Friday, March 25, 2011

Final Day of Final Repitition of Week Three

Hopefully the final day of week three.  I stopped using the podcasts because I was bored.  Is this a theme in my life?  Ought I to be worried?

Joe has put much of his vast mp3 collection from his computer onto my mp3 player, so I was treated to everything from OMD to Prince, to Huey Lewis, to Rick James.  Mostly good exercise music.  I did find Joan Jett's I Love Rock and Roll, however, a bit slow.  Still good listening, but its beat is so pronounced that it was hard to keep the speed I needed to be going against the beat of the song.

Another quirky thing is that Duran Duran's Rio is a really long song.  5 1/2 minutes.  It came on during the last few minutes of my final walk interval and I told myself I'd just walk to to the end of the song.  I figured it would leave me fewer minutes to make up on the Gazelle and Nordic Rider.  All told, I think I did about 48 minutes today, thanks in part to the length of Rio.

For the tread mill work I did 28 minutes, 1.61 ml, 64 fat calories, 207 calories.  I did the walking intervals at 2.9 mph and the jogging at 4 or 4.1 mph.

Next week I have to alternate 90 second intervals with 5 minute intervals.  I hope I'm ready.  Probably my biggest enemy is the boredom.  Wish me luck.

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