Monday, March 28, 2011

Sharing Pop Culture with my Teenaged Daughter

Louisa gets irritated because I am so negative/cynical of the state of chastity and commitment among the rich and famous.  She exhorts me to "put the best construction on everything."  She is right.  I ought not to assume someone is fornicating simply because he or she is a pop star.

Louisa has exhorted me to look at Taylor Swift and the Jonas Brothers as examples of stars who choose to wear purity as part of their persona.  So today, while I was having my coffee break, I started reading about Taylor Swift.  She is a lovely girl and seems to have her feet on solid ground.  But I didn't find anything that would indicate a particularly chaste lifestyle choice. Nor did I find anything particularly indicative of and unchaste lifestyle.  She did attend a Christian school for part of her high school and was homeschooled some of the time.   She doesn't like to talk about the degree of intimacy in her relationships.  That, at least, is laudable.  That's as much as I can say about her morals from what I could find readily on the internet. Perhaps Louisa is familiar with more sources than those I am finding.

I like several of Ms Swift's songs that Louisa has shared with me.  But I thought Thug Story was especially cute.  Together with reading at least eight on-line biographies, this video helped me to appreciate the variety and personality behind Taylor Swift's stardom.

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