Monday, March 14, 2011

Couch to 5K, Week 3 Re-revisited

Weird schedule this week and missed a day last week, so I'm doing week three yet again.  I think I'll stick with it all week, if I am able to get both the other workouts in.

Today went very well, though.  I was a bit sluggish starting out, so I turned down my speed a bit and waited for that "kick" to kick in.  By the time the first 3 minutes jog came around I was in my zone.  I like when it's going well enough that I don't keep checking the little clock on the tread mill wondering why it's not moving faster.

5 minutes warm up      2.7 mph
90 seconds jog            3.5 mph
90 seconds walk         2.7 mph
3 minutes jog               4 mph
3 minutes walk            3 mph
90 seconds jog            4 mph
90 seconds walk          3 mph
3 minutes jog               4.1 mph
5 minutes cool down   3 mph, then slowing a bit throughout

The computer told me I burned 178 calories with 55 of the fat calories.  I covered 1.38 miles and it took 25 minutes.

I also did 10 minutes on the Gazelle and did my full Nordic Rider sets.

A good workout today.

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