Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Week 3, Day 2, Couch to 5K: AKA See the Old Lady Hobble

I forgot to record this earlier.  I did two days in a row so I wouldn't get off schedule.  However, I ended up with a spasm in my lower back, so I can't really recommend this to any other 40-something mothers of 10 who might be trying to regain the glory days (was there ever such a thing, anyway?).  I guess the day off is one of those pieces of advice I ought to have heeded.

The sad thing is it wasn't even during the Couch to 5K workout that I felt the first twinges, but on the Nordic Rider afterwards.  How did it happen?  You may not care, but I'll tell you anyway.  I was listening to one of my all time favorite songs, Fleetwood Mac's Go your own Way.  I just love that song.  The drums and guitars and vocals, the rhythm, the pep and energy in it.  But apparently it was a little two much energy for this old lady to handle after a 1/2 hour couch to 5K workout. 

Sigh.  Hopefully the stitch will work itself out with a little heat, a little ibuprofen, and a little stretching tomorrow.  If it's mostly worked out in the morning, I might do my easiest pilates mat workout.  I find that the easy pilates is very relaxing and healthful for muscle spasms.

The good news is that I only have 90 minutes left on my winter ticker.  Hurray, hurray, I think I might just make it.   Unless of course the little stitch in my back turns into a big stitch.  But I sincerely hope that is not the case.

Now to my stats for today.

After feeling so sluggish yesterday and wanting so badly to stop and walk, I slowed waaaay down today.  I did my walks at 2.5 and my jogs at 4.0.  The sequence is the same as it was supposed to have been yesterday.  I also had better luck with my podcast, so the minutes are shorter than yesterday when I inadvertently walked into infinity.  And because of the slower speeds, all the other stats are lessened.

The workout took 26 minutes, I went 1.46 miles, burned 188 cals, of which 80 are fat cals.  I really don't know how they make the distinction between fat calories and calories. 

If anyone knows anything about how best to use those figures, let me know.  I'm not really sure of their significance, but they must be really, really important since the tread mill is keeping track of them, right?

And heart rate.  I just don't remember anymore what I had learned in PE way back when about when to check it and what it's supposed to be at rest, and the later at various stages of exercise.  I'm sure all their theories and suggestions have changed since way back then anyway.  But if anyone wants to fill me in on the most current theories for that, too, I wouldn't mind hearing it.

On the tread mill itself, the slowest speeds say fat-burning.  That's up to about 3.5mph.  Then from that to, I don't know, somewhere around, maybe 6 mph it says cardio, which I assume means the user is strengthening his or her heart.  After that, I forget what it calls itself.  Something like, "Beyond ludicrous speed," or something.  I'm not sure what that speed is supposed to help with, but I don't really anticipate ever having to worry about it myself.

All in all, it was a good day because I finished the workout and because I'm within striking distance of my ticker goal. 

It was a bad day because I spent the rest of the day hobbling around the house and lying on heat.  Grr.

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